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Bed Bug Inspection Guide - Housekeeping

Posted on: Thursday November 2, 2023 at 3:57 PM
Bed Bug Inspection Guide - Housekeeping

Bed Bug Inspection Guide for Housekeeping

Notes and tools: Bed bugs do not like to be disturbed. Always watch for escaping bugs as you do your examination. Protect your hands with medical gloves. Use a strong flashlight, magnifying glass and this card. Use the guide at the edge of this sheet for signs of bed bugs

  • Begin by examining and removing pillowcases. Turn inside out and check all seams and folds. Examine the pillows piping, surfaces, seams and tags. Place items in bag
  • Examine comforter, blanket and/or duvet. Check all buttons, edges, seams, folds and tags.
  • Layer by layer; examine each sheet looking for blood and fecal stains. Roll top and fitted sheets into the middle of bed, remove and bag.
  • Using flashlight and card, starting at the head of the bed, examine piping and surface looking for signs of live bed bugs, shed skins, eggs or fecal stains. Continue down and around whole mattress.
  • Use the edge of a card to chase out any bed bugs hidden under any buttons, straps, or tags and to separate upper and lower mattress piping and seams. Compare what you find to the Bed Bug Life Cycle.
  • Slide mattress off box springs and place up against wall to examine backside. (dust ruffle: roll into middle, remove and bag).
  • Examine box spring in detail as you did the upper mattress. Remove box spring, place against wall and examine underside.
  • Slide bed frame away from wall and thoroughly examine. Check all connection areas, screw holes, stands and wheels.
  • Remove headboard (if wall mounted) or pull away from wall and examine with flashlight, checking wall for live bugs, eggs, shed skins and fecal stains.
  • Inspect any bedside table or nightstand by pulling away from wall, turning over, pulling out drawers.
  • Inspect any upholstered furniture as thoroughly as you did the bed-using flashlight and this card.
  • Examine any luggage racks, closet shelves, or drawers, wall fixture, artwork or paintings, lamps, radio, clock, or items close to bed.
  • If you find any signs or live bed bugs, notify management immediately to begin treatment protocols.