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Residential Pest Control Wausau, WI

Pest Control

Pests can be a major pest for your property. They can cause health risks to humans and animals, damage structures, and carry diseases that spread rapidly. Hiring professional pest services is important because they are trained in the use of pest elimination methods. They know how to inspect your property to identify the pests that may be causing problems.

Wausau, WI bat remediation

Bat Remediation

Eliminating bats from your home is important due to the potential disruptions they can cause. Bats can create noise and mess with their presence, impacting the peaceful environment of your living space. Addressing the bat infestation promptly ensures a harmonious atmosphere for both inhabitants and the overall comfort of your home.

Rat removal Wausau, WI

Rodent Control

Our team can provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond immediate removal, including preventive measures to ensure the rodents do not return. Entrusting 1st Choice Pest Solutions ensures a thorough and efficient resolution of the issue, protecting your home, family, and peace of mind.

Mosquito Control in Wausau, WI

Mosquito Control

Hiring a professional team to control mosquitoes from your home is of paramount importance due to the numerous risks associated with their presence. Our professional mosquito control experts have the expertise to identify mosquito breeding grounds and start targeted strategies for effective eradication.

Exterior Barrier Treatment in Wausau, WI

Exterior Barrier Treatment

Don't let insects hang outside your house long enough to find a way in. Keep pest problems at bay with our exterior bug spray treatment. Our insect control experts will inspect your home, looking for any areas where these pests could harbor and take shelter.

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